I just baught a c350 and I have a few questions, hopefully someone cn answer

1) Whent he phone is on the main screen right in thge middle it says the
time, ROGERS AT&T and the date. is there any way I can get rid of this? or
at least change what is says?

2) I have found a way to send ringtones to your phone for free, I had to set
up my own WAP and connect to it through my phone, the problem is that Rogers
WAP service request an encoded response when it tries to open a page, if it
doesn't get this response the page doesn't load. I don't know how to send
this encoded response, but I am told that in most phones you can change the
settings of the WAP provided (a WAP provided is essentially the same as an
ISP, you can choose to use someone else instead of rogers) but I cant find
the option to change the WAP provider in the phone anywhere. so this is the
question.. thought I'd never get to it didn't you.. how do I change the WAP
settings on the phone? (if someone can help me with this I would be more
than happy to share my WAP address and you can download any of the 7600
ringtones I have for free)

thanks guys.


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