2 months old
loaded with
car charger
wall charger
usb data cable
8 faceplates (2 originals,another silver,blue,black,yellow and an disney
Eeyore face plate that is on way to me now purchased it online ,,,

3 swivel sheepskin leather cases
1 belt clip on sheepskin leather case
manual ect..
still on warrenty was connected through rogers at&t , reason for selling
went back to nokia (personal preferance) can be seen working as i have it
hooked to pay as you go..

just pickup a sim card and your ready to go , most faceplates are brand new
, or hardlly used all in excellecnt shape

Compact, easy to use, loaded with features and affordable - the Motorola
C333 phone combines simplicity and fun to create a device that is as
individual as you are. With exchangeable front and back covers as well as
downloadable ring tones, this phone can be customized to fit any personal
style. Features like EMS messaging let you stay in touch with friends and
family in a way that's fun, personal and discreet. With exciting games and a
polyphonic speaker for rich sounding tones, this phone is truly ready for
Weight: 2.82 ounces (80 grams)
Size: 3.09 inches long x 1.70 inches wide x 0.75 inches thick


a.. Mobile Internet Capable:
a.. GPRS - (General Packet Radio Service) - provides faster, cost
effective, wireless Internet access that is always on, always connected and
allows for multi-tasking between voice and data calls
b.. WAP 1.2.1 Enabled Microbrowser via GPRS delivers real-time access to
wireless Internet sites and specialized information services from a wide
array of mobile Web sites. Visit your favourite mobile Internet sites,
browse, bank, shop, trade and communicate online.
b.. Two-Way Text Messaging capable:
a.. Send and receive messages from your Motorola C333 to any Two-Way SMS
capable phone on ANY Canadian wireless network*, or from your phone to any
Internet e-mail address
b.. Receive text messages from the www.rogers.com Web site
c.. Get an e-mail address for your phone (your 10-digit phone number
d.. Anyone with Internet access can send an e-mail directly to your
e.. iTAPT predictive text input for rapid text entry allows you to send
messages easily. When you start entering a word, you only have to press the
key once for each letter and the phone will anticipate what word you are
c.. Built-In Phonebook - store up to 400 entries to help you stay in touch
with friends and contacts
d.. USB connectivity (modem support only)
e.. 32 composable ring tones, 32 preset ring tones, MotoMixer Remixable
MIDI ringers and room to download and save additional ring tones at
f.. 3 of the newest and most graphic-intensive games ever are included.
Play Astrosmash, MotoGP (motorcycle racing game) and Snood 21 (a card game
of chance and skill). Coming soon, purchase additional game levels at
www.rogers.com/games JavaT support for application downloads. Download and
store interactive games, life management tools, travel-related applications
and information tools - the possibilities are virtually limitless.
g.. Up to 5 hours talk-time or up to 10 days standby time with the
built-in 600 mAh Battery
h.. Dual Band technology on GSM 850 / 1900 MHz networks promises excellent
access to voice features as GSM is the most broadly developed digital
wireless standard in the world
i.. Retail $229.00
no contract needed this phone is up on the rogers at$t network in canada
comes with data cable so if ya got the software to unlock it your set ...

email me for a picture ..

Taking reasonable offers at [email protected]

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