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    Hey guys I downloaded campanionpro for my phone, i bought the cable to
    hook up in my usb, how do i use campanionpro to put new songs on my
    phone or is there a different program im suppose to use get back with
    me thanks.

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    Mark Kim

    Re: i530 new ring tones.. iden cable?

    First of all, you need to go to to download
    your Falcon Data Cable for USB Driver.

    Once you downloaded the driver, install it, BUT DO NOT CONNECT YOUR PHONE TO
    THE COMPUTER AT THIS TIME, as the driver needs to be "kicked-in" before you
    do anything with the Phone PC-Wise.

    I'm gonna get very tricky here because all of the songs are downloaded
    through iDEN Update. Sorry, but iDEN Companion Pro doesn't cut it. You need
    to download the driver, install the driver, buy whatever you need at, and update the iDEN Update Application so that
    your songs would be downloaded onto your phone.

    Hope this helps.

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