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    John B. Andrews
    I carry two phones. Nextel i530 for walkie-talkie and free incoming;
    Verizon t730 mostly for travel and roaming. I use iSync to keep
    the t730 contacts up-to-date from my G-5 Mac, and couldn't live without
    it. (To my sorrow, iSync won't work with iden phones)

    I need a way to transfer contacts (address book) from EITHER:

    t730 (or my Mac G-5 address book) to i530.

    I do have a PC available in addition to the Mac.

    I don't want to type them in one-by-one. I have USB data cables for
    both phones. I don't mind buying software, or going through several
    steps to accomplish this.



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    iDEN companion pro and also iDEN phonebook manager would prolly be your best bets! you can get them here they are in the download section! you must register but it's free! the companion pro is listed in the misc. software!

    you should be able to cut and paste between the t730 and i530 phonebook proggies, hopefully! good luck

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