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    Hey everyone. I'm strongly considering upgrading from my i1000+ Redesign to
    an i530 clamshell. To those who have the i530, would you mind listing a few
    pros/cons about the phone? I've read a few online reviews, but there aren't
    many out there yet.

    As far as the cons go, I don't mind that there's no color screen. I actually
    prefer the black/white display, probably because I'm so used to the i1000+
    Redesign. I like simple, streamlined menus. What about ringtones, though?
    Are they MIDI only? Do you have to pay Nextel for online services before
    downloading them? Is the phone as durable as it looks online? What else?
    Etc., etc.

    Any input would be very helpful. Thanks!

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    Aloha how are you i have a i530 and i am very happy with it. This phone is a very durable phone and i should know i have dropped it threw it and even hit someone with it lol dont ask. Its very simple to use and is very comofortable. There really isnt anything i hate about the phone. hope this was some help.

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    your going to miss the display on the front! You will now have to open it to see who is calling. The 2nd thing you are going to notice is the font size can not be adjusted like the i1000rf and the ringtones are on midi.. You should by the cable and do the ringtones yourself. Check out my sight when you are ready to do it. Http:// The i530 is not as tough as they say. The rubber is equal to a good leather case. It just stops scratches. I work on I i530s all day long and the thing I always hear is the customer say "i thought it was indestructible?". Now no matter what phone you ask about you will find someone that have run it over with a pack of elephants and it works better than the day he/she bought it. I see the opposite at work, I hear, "liquid damage it have been sweat? this phone can't that sweat?" and "no I didn't drop it, it was on my dresser all night." & "Crush the display? no I left it in the sun in the car! The can't take the sun?". The most popular thing to break is the flip. Take note of the flip, it is the same hinge assembly as the i730..

    In a nut shell don't buy the i530 for the rubber! Buy it because you are cheap or don't need the extra features! the i730 supports wav ringtones, has the display on the front, bigger easier to read color display, supports java aps (games and business aps), wallpapers, voice dialing and voice notes. If you are upgrading through Nextel it is only about $50 difference between the two of them and is cheaper now than if you change your mind later.

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