I've read a few posts on this group about people who want to have
their i730 phones broadcast the NMEA sentences to their computers, so
they can run Microsoft Streets & Tips or MapPoint.

I purchased a USB cable to accomplish this task, worried that it
wouldn't work because, for some reason, Nextel doesn't have USB
capabilities yet for this:


"You can purchase a Motorola serial cable (USB is currently
unsupported for
GPS applications) from Motorola parts group at 1-800-422-4210 or
online at
www.idenstore.com or through your local service provider sales

Now my dilemma is as follows: I like this new USB cable and my
computer recognizes it (I installed the Motorola iDEN USB Modem
drivers and it was recognized, plus I hope to upload ringtones etc.).
I don't want to go out and buy a new $30+ cable just to give the NMEA

Someone mentioned that you can use a USB->RS232 converter to emulate
the serial connection. Can anyone verify that this works?
Furthermore, when I searched around, it seems like the USB->RS232
adaptors are actually poorly labeled--they are really RS232->USB
adaptors, which won't work in this case because the RS232 needs to
connect to the computer, not a device; the adaptors on eBay really
just want you to have an RS232 port when you only have USB devices.

So again, has anyone managed to do this successfully, and can he/she
recommend a solid USB->RS232 (not RS232->USB) adaptor to use for the



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