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    Has anyone tried one yet to know how good the voice quality / Speakerphone /
    reception is?

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    Re: BlackBerry 7510

    I have one and it's not really a bad device. I won't be trading in my Palm
    Tungstyen C yet though since I have apps on there that I can't get on the BB
    7510 and what apps are availale are expensive. The voice quality/
    speakerphoe isn't bad and reception isn't bad either but what I do have a
    problem with is the WAP browser... I don't like it. There have been some
    sites I have tried to go to where I get an error message sying it can't open
    the page but the site opens fine on my Tungsten C. Also there isn't native
    support for opening the simplist of files like text and image attachments
    from emails. What's the sense of having a color device if it won't display
    images? You can't 'force' it to check email when you want it to, if you can
    I haven't figured out how so you basically have to wait for email to come to
    the device. It seems to me that it checks for email about every 15 to 20
    minutes.Another thing I don't like is the limited battery life, I have to
    charge this every night or two, my Sprint phone could go for at least four
    or five days without charging. You can only have the device ring up to three
    times before it pops the caller into voice mail as opposed to five rings on
    Sprint. It doesn't sync with Palm Desktop but I have no problem syncing with
    Act! 6. Just like any device it has it's good and bad points and I think
    that the good out weight the bad in this situation but I would definately
    look at a different divice when this contract is up if they haven't
    addressed these issues with a firmware update of some sort..

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    > Has anyone tried one yet to know how good the voice quality / Speakerphone

    > reception is?

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