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    I traded in my i730 on Thursday for an i830. Got the 830 home and charged
    it fully. While on the phone I dropped a call and realized that the phone
    was resetting on its own. Later that day watched the phone (sitting idle)
    reset again. Returned the phone to Nextel and exchanged it for another.
    Phone #2 resets too!! What is going on here? I called Nextel Corporate
    Accounts to complain and they said that this "reset" problem has occurred on
    other models too but I have never had this problem with my previous models.
    He said that service can probably repair it but recommended that I replace
    it. Went back to Nextel and got phone #3. I will see how this one
    performs. I like the phone but there is obviously a QA problem over at
    Motorola. Anyone else seen this?

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    I'm having the same problem with mine. It has also taken to not turning on and it won't recognize that a charger is plugged in. I've had the phone for almost a year and it just started doing this in September.

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