Is anyone familiar with the 1ktv application that comes preloaded
on the I830? They have a website www.1ktv.com I've been trying to
cancel for months now. 1ktv says to cancel through Nextel wallet on
line (the online nextel wallet service has never worked for me) Here
is 1ktv instructions on canceling www.1ktv.com/nextel/ts-moti830.htm
When I call Nextel, no one has any idea what 1ktv is. In total i've
spent about 4 hours on the phone with Nextel, still no luck. I've had
conference calls with Nextel Tier 3 and 1ktv. I've sent e-mails,
screamed, threatened, you name it. Nextel keeps saying they'll get
back to me. Anyways if anyone has experienced the same thing, i'd
appreciate any input. Thanks in advance.

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