I'm hoping that a Moto or Nextel engineer can speak to some features on
the i930 since we're all impatient to get our hands on the phone. The
biggest complaint that I have with current Nextel phones is that in
order to use text messaging or email you have to wait for the phone to
connect to Nextel's servers. The ancient v60 I used to have at an old
job would cache text messages on the phone so there was no connection
delay. Since the i930 is going to be a Windows based phone I hope the
design engineers made it work similar to the other Windows phones so
when a text message or email comes in it gets downloaded to the phone
rather than a notification alerting you to the fact that you need to
connect back to Nextel to read, and then connect again to get the menu,
choose send, connect again, and finally be able to type your reply.

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