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    Does anyone know how to send your own images and ring tones to the the
    Nextel phones?

    I have signed up as a developer, but wondered if anyone could give me a
    little insite to speed my learning curve.



    See More: Creating and downloading Custom Wallpaper and ring tones

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    Re: Creating and downloading Custom Wallpaper and ring tones

    Nextel i730

    Phonebooks, Ringtones and Wallpaper Made Easy

    Also visit:


    Download iden Phone Book Manager (free) from

    You will need to download (free) the USB driver from

    Finally you will also need either the USB data cable ($24.99) or Serial data
    cable ($29.99), available at most Nextel retailers

    Uploading custom ringtones and wallpaper

    There are two programs that can be used for uploading ringtones and
    wallpaper One is called MyJal and the other is WebJal. It's use is a little
    tricky. You will need the data cable mentioned above to upload ringtones
    and wallpaper.


    There are three places to download this software


    Although it promises you a free trial period, you won't get that. You will
    have to pay a $5 fee to get a key to unlock the software. Paypal only is
    accepted method of payment. I don't recommend using this site, the support
    team are really a bunch of immature jerks.


    Go to the buy software page. This will cost you a consumer license of $30.
    There is a good discussion forum associated with this site, lots of
    technical assistance.

    3) Yes, I do have the files and all in working order.

    Download myJAL from #1 mentioned above. Install it on your PC. When you
    launch the program it will tell you the trial version is over. Then you
    will have to ask me nicely and promise me something for the THANK GOD PATCH.
    I busted my ass to get this software and information, no one just handed it
    to be nice and be generous. When you receive this patch drag and
    drop into the folder c:\Program Files\myTEAM Software\myJAL

    If after doing this you get a message that says "The application failed to
    find required application data in the system registry." Then you need to
    download patcher.exe from


    Perform a google search to find the zipped program (2.9
    MB) and download and install. You may also need a program called Webjal
    Patcher. These are all free downloads.

    WebJal 3

    WebJal Patcher

    If the above links do not work check this posting at Howard Forums and read
    author Deep-Six posting

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    In order to use the program as Motorola designed it you need to
    validate your info that is the whole reason as to login & password. If your
    not authorized your not supposed to be able to use it but we have been
    getting around that for some time. You can either do 1 of 2 things. First if
    your using a computer that has 100% internet you can just use

    If you are running on a laptop is where you want to
    go sign up for gold membership and vinny will help you out and get it up and
    running 100%

    Custom Ringtones for the i730 must be in .wav format or .midi Read below
    for further details.

    WAV files

    ..Wav ringtones for the Nextel i730 must be in format of 8KHZ, 8 bit, mono,
    max 30 seconds

    You can use Windows XP sound recorder to record sound clips from an audio cd
    and save in format .wav

    Use a program such as Flexi Music Wave Setup to format the wav clip to
    proper format of less than 30 seconds.

    MIDI tones

    Must be 30 sec in length, and type 0

    Use this converter GNMIDFMT

    Record music in MIDI format

    Delete installed ringtones from the phone's menu.


    Wall paper files should be 128 x 128 pixel size in .gif format only. NOT
    ..GIF there is a difference.

    I used Wallpaper Manager that came with Verizon's Sharp Z800 digital phones
    to resize a .jpg into a 128 x 128 .png. Then use Windows Paint to convert
    to .png to .gif Works flawlessly!!

    If you have Microsoft Office you can also use Microsoft Photo Editor
    included in the Microsoft Office Tools Folder. Reduce the picture by using
    IMAGE, RESIZE. Using this will allow you to directly resize and save a .jpg
    file. Use the PAINT program in your accessories folder to convert the image
    to .gif format. (NOT .GIF or you will have failures)

    Delete installed wallpapers from the phone's menu.

    "Rich" <[email protected]> wrote in message
    news:[email protected]
    > Does anyone know how to send your own images and ring tones to the the
    > Nextel phones?
    > I have signed up as a developer, but wondered if anyone could give me a
    > little insite to speed my learning curve.
    > TIA
    > Rich

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