Hello All, If this is not the proper group to post this message in I

I recently upgraded from Verizon / Motorola V60I phone to the
Blackberry 7510 on the Nextel Network. I installed an add on Browser
for surfing the web on the 7510 (reqwireless webviewer).

One thing I miss greatly, and tell me if it is possible. I used to use
a socket8 card which plugged into my V60I phone and then CFType II
slotted into my laptop, this allowed me to use my Verizon phone as a
modem when on the road with my Laptop. Not very fast but it worked and
better to look at than a small screen!

With the USB connection available on the Blackberry, is their any
software that would do this same sort of thing? I have signed up with
the unlimited data account so the phone is essitinaly connected to the
net at all times, It would be neat to use this little device as a sort
of Proxy Server or Gateway to the Data Services and then feed it back
into the laptop via USB.

Anyone ???? or Anything ????

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