In my case, living in Charlotte County, FL, and hit by both (not sure
about Ivan yet), all that worked for several days after each hurricane
was my DC. That was the only way I could keep up with my kids in school
(Gainesville and Tallahassee). No problems with it.

When the phone calls worked, only those sent outside my local area
worked. I wasn't able to make any local Nextel area calls.

Myself wrote:
> 8/13/04
> So I want to know how everyone's phones are doing. Mine started giving me
> the system busy 22 error around 12:30 but worked a few tries later. After
> about 13:30 the only useable service is Direct Connect. My brother's
> T-Mobile wouldn't connect to my friend's Sprint, but I don't know who's to
> blame there.
> Thanks.

Paul R
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