Paul, Not knowing what kind of Nextel phone or computer you have,
I'll make a stab at this.

1st you need to get the picture into your computer, by either
scanning it in with a fax scanner or flatbed scanner of some sort
saving the picture in bmp, gif, or jpg format. Or if you have
a digital camera you probably already have is there!

M$ has a good picture editor in Microsoft Picture It! Photo v7.0.
There are other more expensive programs you can buy but this one
has a lot of functions that any one wishing to edit there photos
will be happy to have. (I use it mostly to get the red out of eyes.)

Now you will need to find out what is the screen size in pixels
for your phone. My Nextel i730 screen size is 130x130 pixels.

Once you have the photo scanned and saved, start your photo program
of choose. Most of the time the picture will be in a 6x4 inch
format, so you will have to "crop" out just the portion you want
for your phone. So make the crop 4"x4", this will give you the
proper portions for creating a square 130x130 image. Next select
the "RESIZE" image function and resize to the correct "pixel" size
for your phone. Remember you will have to work out the pixel/inch
differences if the screen size is not 130x130.

Once you have the size thing worked out, "Save As" to a
file name that is no longer that 12 characters using the
recommended photo format for your phone. Again my i730 format
is .gif. The new i860 is a larger screen size by can store
images in the .jpg format.

Once you have the picture in the correct format for your
Nextel phone, you can use the USB Data Cable and the
WebJAL at least version R010103 to directly load the picture
to your phone.


Paul Moran wrote:

>What's a good way to make wallpapers without interlacing?
>I have a few photo programs and would like to put a pic of
>my son on my phone...
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>>On Tue, 30 Nov 2004 09:26:21 -0500, JDaT <[email protected]> said
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>>>I'm sending a quick couple of 130x130 .gif wallpapers to test and
>>>see if this newsgroup can receive them.
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>>Very nice, but (and I'm not really scolding) this isn't a binary
>>newsgroup. Upload them to a web site and post the URLs here.=20
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See More: Nextel wallpaper post test. - Paul Moran