Well, according to nextel, the REAL blackberry browser was supposed to
be available so you could do all of the things they say you can with
the web access without having the blackberry enterprise server.
Apparently it wasn't ready for the release of the 7520, but are "workig
on it", but wouldn't commit to a time frame. The Reqwireless view
works just fine, except there is no way to "save" an image for using in
the picture application, etc.

You'll notice that the help docs on the device tell you you can change
the content mode in the options panel of the nextel browser, but nextel
has disabled that for some reason, so the device will only access
successfully, WML pages - basically the same thing you could do with a
5 yr old i1000 plus. One would think that just enabling that would do
the trick, but for some reason the people at nextel say it only works
with BES4.0, even though BES is only for email/contact data type things
and has nothing to do with surfing the web.

Likewise, I cant open attachments either unless I use the reqwireless
tool - although, you'll notice that the blackberry browser and
attachment service are installed on the 7520, but apparently are
unavailable or crippled.

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