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    J&D Schnoor
    I am one year into a two year plan. I currently have an i530 with with
    Nextel Local Instant Connect 500. I am considering moving up to an i315.
    The webpage shows the price of $134.99 for education/government accounts.
    If I were to do this, are they likely to renew a two year contract at the
    old rate which was $35.99 or do they do a new contract at the currently
    offered rate of $32.79? Are there any other things for me to consider,
    especially since the current contract is only half way through?

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    Elizabeth Go
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    Upgrading your phone does not affect your price plan at all. You can keep the same plan. The price plan can be changed anytime you wish. It means a one year service agreement whenever you change a plan unless your contract is already over one yr in length then it will not be extended.

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