Listen to your Cell Phone with your Car Speakers

Hands Free Cell Phone FoneFree Anywhere works in any Car, with any Cell
Phone, using any Radio. It instantly transforms your Cell Phone into a
speakerphone! Set up is easy, it takes only seconds. No installation
required. No wires or annoying, bulky units... no need to use your
cigarette lighter either. Simply Clip, Press, and Talk!

Hands Free Cell Phone FoneFree sound is clear and crisp. It takes
advantage of your car speaker system. Your conversation will sound like
music to your ears! Fone Free also eliminates the threat of radiation
because you don't have to hold the phone next to your ear. Most
important, Fone Free helps you drive more safely by letting you
concentrate on the road rather than fumbling with your cell phone. You
and your family are safer.

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