nexgen18 Wrote:
> check it out the i730 you have has a sim right? well who ever droped it
> was smart and deactivated the phones sim,the phone doesnt need
> unlocking.its not broken either its juz disactiveated,meaning either
> you have nextel and can change your sim from ur old phone to this newo
> one or ytou kan buy an i 215 boost mobile phone and use its sim card i
> mean you can also get a boost sim on ebay.but dont trust all of
> those....if you have anyother problems you can p.m me..if something
> you
> can also ask rdmiller opmeteor,or fordcobra,they know a lil more on
> how
> to help you....
> -laterz
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> nexgen18
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Thanks for the help every one that reply'd...thanks


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