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    Frank from Deeeetroit
    My 2 yr nextel contract has just expired. I would like the to upgrade to
    the Blackberry 7520 that Nextel is offering, but with the Sprint merger
    coming up, what is on the horizon that may be worth waiting for?



    See More: blackberry or pix phone

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    Re: blackberry or pix phone

    i265 - April 1st

    i275 - May 1st (310K Camera, MMS, SDGC)

    i760 - August 1st (176x220 display, MMS, SDGC, iDEN/Direct Talk

    i850 - July 1st Camera Clam (176x220 display, MMS, SDGC, WiDEN/Direct
    Talk Capable)

    i870 - Novemver 1st (Media and entertainment focussed. 1.3MP camera,
    video, MP3 player,Bluetooth, Mini SD, WiDEN)

    i833 - TBD in 2005(Refresh of i830 with more updated form factor and

    i605 - May 1st (176X220, Bluetooth, MMS)

    i325IS - February 14th

    i355 - May 1st (Java, 130x130 color display, MMS)

    i560 - August 1st (Java, MMS, 130x130 color,external CID, SDGC,
    WiDen/Direct Talk Capable)

    i740 - November 1st (i730 with AFU and encryption)

    i930 - Q2/Q3 2005 (Win OS, GSM, 310K Camera, SDIO)
    Microsoft Smart phone software that runs pocket versions of popular
    office productivity tools such as Outlook email, contacts, calendar,
    Internet Explorer and runs hundreds of apps written for the Smartphone
    SDIO slot for additional memory and hardware extensibility
    Camera and Flash
    Large (176X220) Internal 65K Color Screen and external color display
    Full Multi-Media Capabilities (MMS) take and send pictures, music and
    Infrared port
    Ability to run Java applications
    Media player to play video and audio files like MP3
    Post launch features include WiDEN high speed data, Outbound GPRS data
    roaming and Selective Dynamic Group Call
    Ability to wirelessly send and receive email

    i960 - TBD 2006 (Win OS, 2MP Camera, 240x340 screen, Bluetooth,
    Mini-SD, WiDEN)

    i980 - TBD 2006 (Win OS, Touch-screen, SDIO, WIFI, Qwerty)

    B3 - Q4 2005 phone form factor blackberry

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    Someone Please refresh my memory on the new WiDen system.

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