Just to give people here an update, I ordered the free GPS Upgrade Kit that
includes a data cable on about 03-19-2005. It just arrived today 05-17-2005
via FedEx 2 Day service. I am not sure if they are still overwhelmed with
requests for these, but it is interesting to me that when I called a couple
weeks after I ordered this, the customer service representative was not very
helpful and could not tell me anything about when this was/would be shipped.
Ironically, after I ordered this online my wife found the original USB data
cable that had been sent to us back in September 2004. I actually ended up
bringing the i530 to a local Nextel shop who did the GPS upgrade because I
was tired of waiting for the kit to arrive. Now I have two USB data cables
and I have given one to a friend to use for the Motorola iDEN Phonebook


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