While this seems for the most part an excellent feature I find the overall
performance falls a bit short. The $15.00 extra a month I feel is a fair
price and would have no complaints at twice the cost if it were to perform a
bit more than about 50% of the time. The actual time it takes to reach the
url that really directs you to the screen you need seems to be a bit
involved with some waiting. There are two icons that are supposed to give
the illusion that you may actually be receiving signal from a true GPS
source while in reality the signal is coming from an antenna tower. Many
times I am on the phone with the cell phone user and there is an indication
that the caller is not available to give the location.

All in all I can say I would keep this feature but regret the shortcoming
of another NEXTEL feature. I actually found an added feature where I was not
required to obligate myself for an additional year of price fixed contract.

I would never say Nextel is all bad just among the worst and most costly
for such poor coverage quality.


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