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    Gulf Coast Communication Restoration Group-

    Gulf Coast Communication Restoration Group (GCCRW) is tasked to provide
    "Real Time" information and coordination for the on going Communication
    Restoration effort on the Gulf Coast.

    This Group is for all Wired and Wireless Communication Professionals.
    Carrier representatives are encouraged to join to disseminate or
    collect information to expedite restoration efforts. GCCRW will serve
    as a "Clearing House" for those on the ground in the Gulf Coast by
    linking companies together.

    Communication Companies and Communication Professionals should -

    1) Identify themselves
    2) Indicate Communication Expertise
    3) Manpower Available
    4) Contact information (Telephone Number, Email, Wireless Number)


    Home Page-

    See More: Gulf Coast Communication Restoration Group-

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    Re: Gulf Coast Communication Restoration Group-

    Many networks were damaged. What we are
    looking for is the status of the network, restoration efforts, number
    of cells effected and any opperational needs the company may have.
    Oboviously they have their own people but how long do you think they
    can last in conditions like we all have seen. We are developing a "One
    Stop Shopping" for additional people, equipment and resources. The
    goal here is to be able to bring people in from unaffected areas so
    others can recoup. This is a long term effort.

    As far amateurs .....If you know any amateurs with a BSEE,BSME,P.E.
    With RF exp. or any who are Certified TowerDogs, Techs with Nortel/
    Moto Switch exp or LMR they are needed now.

    GulfCoastCommunicationRestorat*[email protected]

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