I'm trying to start my own business. I instead of getting a land line
(more correctly Vonage line) I was thinking of getting a second Nextel
line. Since Second Line service doesn't save much esp. since I want
separate voice mail I was going to get a second phone.

So here's what I'm wondering.
Do I add a second phone to my current account which is personal. Or do I
get a business account.

First anyone have any thoughts on this question as it's stated above.

Also what's the difference between business service and personal service?

For comparison purpose let's use the National Free Incoming 300 plan.

While, If I go though this having 2 phone idea I have not decided on a
plan yet since I can't find a comparison between them. At least on the
Nextel Partners Website since that is the area I am in.

Thank you,


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