The screen on the 7100i is so sweet! But I cannot stand the keyboard
layout. It's horrible! Why did they think they needed to invent yet another
key layout? They should have stuck to the plain old multi-tap system used on
every telephone for the last 50 years where the 2 (two) key has the letters
ABC. They could have used the 8 other buttons to jump to other features. But
no, they invented some new system where there are two letters on every key,
except for L which gets it's own key. Why???? Alas, I've spent nearly two
weeks with the 7100i and the keyboard sucks so bad I have barely written any
emails so I'm going to have to go back to the 7250. It arrived today and
I've swapped over but the screen sucks so bad on the 7520 (compared to the
7100i, the 7250 screen is too dark and the dot-pitch is huge) it makes me
want to cry

If they would just put a nice screen on the 7520 I'd be very happy.

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