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    I have created some Nextel wav ringtones that I want to text message as an
    attachment to a Nextel phone.
    How do I format the text message to get the attachment to open and install
    the ringtone.
    There is a procedure for doing this, but I am unable to locate it on the
    I am aware of Sprint's Multimedia Messaging System, but that doesn't seem to
    handle just audio attachments.
    Please advise.

    DanlK, ~~~\8-O

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    Re: Text Messaging Ringtone Attachments

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    Re: Text Messaging Ringtone Attachments

    Yea, I am not sure how the merger of Sprint with Nextel affect Nextel'
    stuff, but to send something to Sprint phone you use links not the
    attachments. Try the app at to see if you
    can get it to work on your Nextel phone. Choose WAV as a ringtone
    format (or try all of them) and send it to either your Nextel phone
    number or phone's email address.

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