We have two i95 phones. We use them as car phones, so we leave them in the
car, on charge & always ready to go.
One of these is fine, using the same car charger and battery for a couple
years at least. The other one has a problem: sometimes it feels warmer than
what I consider normal, and says 'low battery' and phone won't connect to
service. Both chargers looked to be the same model until I started getting
the problem. Assumed the batteries got cooked. Have gone through a couple of
batteries and chargers with this phone, and can no longer trust it. We have
Nextel service with a local dealer, techie there says that you're not
supposed to leave the phone on car charger, because the car charger doesn't
'know' when to stop charging, whereas the home charger does. Makes no sense
to me as my other phone has no problem with this usage. One difference is
that the problem phone had been kept in the car's center console, which is
equipped with an accessory plug for the charger (the other one just goes
under the front seat), and got pretty warm during summer. When I last
replaced battery and charger, I started keeping it out of the console and
under the seat, but it still happened. Can the problem be in the phone and I
should get a replacement under my Service and never mind what the tech is
telling me?

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