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    Bruce W.1
    I'm trying to use my cellphone as a wireless modem for my notebook PC.

    I've got a Boost Mobile cellphone (Motorola i455) and had them turn on
    Wireless Web (now $0.35 per day).

    I got a data cable and loaded the Motorola USB drivers onto my notebook PC:

    Now I'm stuck. The bozos at Boost Mobile don't know even know what I'm
    talking about. "A what, a modem?". I wonder if they graduated high
    school. I can't find any knowledgeable people there.

    Does anyone know how to make this work? Can it work? Got any good links?

    Thanks for your help.

    See More: Wireless internet for Boost Mobile

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    Re: Wireless internet for Boost Mobile

    Not all Motorola and Nextel capabilities are available through Boost
    Mobile. What you are trying to do is not supported and explains why
    the Care Reps do not know what you are talking about. Refer to for the list of services that are provided and
    supported. There you will find that Wireless Web allows you access to
    WAP content outside of Sprint Nextel through the WAP browser on the
    phone. It has nothing to do with phone-as-a-modem type applications.



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    Re: Wireless internet for Boost Mobile

    Nextel Dashboard works with my boost i455

    here is the link

    Nextel | Nextel Dashboard Software

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