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    I have been waiting for this phone for years!!!!!!
    It is finally announced, will it work on Nextel?

    Its a GSM+EDGE phone and quad band (don't know what they mean, but I'll
    spend up to $1000 to have it work)

    Photo's Here

    This is crazy, I have waited 1 - 2 hours and the message still hasn't
    showed up. They will probably all show up at once.

    See More: Will the new Apple phone work on Nextel system??

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    Re: Will the new Apple phone work on Nextel system??

    I just tried to ask a question, sorry if it got posted multiple times.

    Yeah, thats a good idea, block all Google Group posters on Google

    I tried posting and the message never showed up. A few times when
    hitting Post, the website just returned to the edit page and I had to
    hit post again. It happened in lots(all) groups while google was

    What would you do if your message was bounced, and didn't post, or when
    you clicked "Send" it seemed nothing happened. Would you hit send

    Why don't you "killfile" all people using high speed connections also.
    I'm sure you would be happy with all the posts/replies you receive
    limiting it to only people with 300 baud modems.

    Evan Platt wrote:
    > And to wonder why people killfile google groups posters...
    > Your post showed up 5 times.

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