We're working with Adondo Corporation, on their new Call Your Own PC
If anyone's interested in "cutting edge" applications, they've
released a Lite version
that's *free for all of 2007.

PAL gives your PC a telephone number, and you can then literally
call your PC to handle Outlook email or get all kinds of information,
from any cell phone.. across a broadband VoIP connection back to
your PC.

With this technology, users get everyday useful features:

1. Hear emails, reply to emails, file emails, create_&_dictate emails
(using simple voice commands / Touch Tones) from any phone;

2. Get instant traffic reports, (and change your location on the fly),
(using simple voice commands / Touch Tones)

3. Get real-time weather forecasts for your zip code
(using simple voice commands / Touch Tones)

4. Listen to podcasts, RSS feeds, your favorite news pages, etc.
(using simple voice commands and/or Touch Tones)

5. Get, e.g. phone numbers, addresses etc. for any Outlook contact
you don't happen to have with you, (using simple voice commands and/or
Touch Tones)

6. Get Outlook appointment reminder calls, notices of new emails from
"Hot Contacts", wake-up calls, etc.;

All the features PAL offers can be done from any cell phone, landline

As mentioned, the Lite version is free for all of 2007

{ The standard Edition is $4.99 month,
the Professional Edition is $9.99 a month.}

The program and all it's features can be seen at

or contact me directly for details, questions or with comments -

Bill Burke,
[email protected]_cfl.rr.com

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