I recently acquired a Motorola i760 for use with one of our Nextel accounts.

The company currently uses older equipment along with some newer models, but
I was not blessed to receive a newer phone (they do not want to continue to
invest in Nextel due to coverage issues, drops and customer service
problems), leaving me with an i2000, which., while rugged, is bricklike, and
not easy to carry around.

I use the Nextel data service a lot, for both outbound and inbound calls.
(For those who are not aware of how this works, older(?) Nextel accounts
received two numbers: a voice number, which works like any other cellphone,
and a data number (NOT a "second" number, which is a different iDEN
service), which could be used to place slow speed modem calls with, and
could be used to receive modem calls as well. (This is useful if we
experience some internet failure at one of our sites or machines and I need
to modem in directly, or trigger the machine to securely dial me back via
POTS lines.)

At any rate, on the i2000s, when a data call came in, the Caller ID of the
calling number would be shown (just like a voice call). This is useful since
if I see a Caller ID of one of our systems, I can quickly plug in the data
cable and "answer" the call with Hyperterm or what not. (A data call can NOT
be answered without the modem cable and some terminal emulator on the
laptop; it is just as if you had a modem connected to a regular phone line,
and it rang, and if you want to "answer" it you have to type "ATA" or
whatever from a terminal program.)

For years this worked fine, and if I saw a number which I knew was one of
our systems calling me, I would plug in the data cable (or get it ready as
the system would redial in a minute or so) and answer the data call with a
terminal program and see why a given system was calling us (usually it was
just performing a weekly "fail" test to prove that it "knows" what to do in
an emergency).

However, with the i760, although Caller ID is displayed for voice calls, no
caller ID is ever displayed for data calls. I see "DATA Call" show up on the
screen, but the caller ID is simply not presented.

We called Nextel, and surprise, surprise, they were clueless. Wasted 2 hours
to get nowhere.

We called Motorola, and although more helpful, they more or less indicated
that there is no reason they could think of as to why the Caller ID on data
calls would not be presented; it is their opinion that the i760's software
does allow for this, as it has on all models prior. They felt it was a
"carrier issue", and thus back to Nextel .

Does anyone else have an i760 which they have witnessed a data call with
Caller ID come in (with any iDEN carrier) ? How about with just Nextel? I am
curious if there is something wrong with the i760 I obtained, or if Motorola
is wrong, or if for some reason data call Caller ID will simply not work
with Nextel's service.

Please post responses to the group; if you prefer e-mail, I can be mailed

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Thank you in advance for any help or ideas!



Bill DeBello
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