Hey everyone,

I'm coming up with an idea for an engineering project, and I need a
little help.

I'm interested in mounting a directional wifi antenna to a platform
that is controlled by some motors. The antenna can rotate completely
around and pointed up and down. I would like to connect the antenna to a
computer (using a USB wireless card) and have the signal strengths be
monitored as the antenna points in different directions. The movement of
the antenna would be controlled by a microprocessor that I would
program, but the computer would need to be able to obtain the different
signal strengths...

Anyways, has anyone had any experience with anything like this, or seen
this type of thing done anywhere? I would love to look over any similar
projects to get some guidance...

Also, is this feasible, or is it not worth doing for any reason? Any
other thoughts?

THANKS for any help with this!

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