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    Sprint isn't messing around, although let me ask you this. Have new towers gone up in areas where you frequent recently? Or have cell towers been removed perhaps? It could be the phone aging out, I have had that happen to me before. But it shouldn't act as you're reporting it has. Have you talked with Sprint-Nextel's customer service? Have they given you any indications as to what it might be? Just curious, and I hope this helps somewhat!

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    Re: Is Sprint messing around with Nextel service? "if you reply usethis post"

    I live in a small town of about 2,100 people, and we have one Nextel
    tower, and that's all the town has cellular wise. I was in town one
    day, and had full service and was in a call, then it went silent. I
    looked at the phone, and it said "System Too Busy, try again later"
    I'm guessing that the tower had too many calls or Direct Connects to
    support my call. My question is how many people (calls, direct
    connects, etc) can a single tower handle?

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