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    Silent Warrior
    Will the sim card from my i710 phone work with Blackberry 7100i ?

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    Re: Sim card

    Yes, it should work fine. Sprint/Nextel will tell you no and that it could
    damage the BlackBerry, not true. If the SIM is in working order it should be
    fine. If your planning on getting a BB data plan that is. RIM requires that
    ALL active BlackBerrys must have a BB data plan, $$. So, with that said, if
    your not planning/wanting to pay out the nose for data services, dont tell
    the Tech Rep what your wanting todo. Otherwise it will be added to your
    service , automaticly. I know, why would someone want a BlackBerry and no
    data plan. Beleave me, you would be surprized to know how many BlackBerry
    owner uses thier BB without a data plan. Even without a data plan the
    BlackBerry is a vary useful handheld. Besides Sprint/Nextel isnt the best
    network to run a BlackBerry data services on anyways and DC isnt all that
    its cracked up to be. Take from a former CDMA/IDEN BlackBerry Tech
    OH one more thing, keep in mind that the older BlackBerrys dont like
    ringtones. In 3 yrs of working with IDEN/CDMA BlackBerrys Ive seen alot of
    the older one crashs becouse of ringtones and 3rd party software, IE games.
    Memory is also something tokeep in mind. If you dont keep your messages,
    email, sms etc.. cleaned out. Your BB will run out of memory fast and can
    couse the HH software to crash and burn.
    And as always, when dealing with cell phones and cell phone companys, GET IT
    IN WRITING before you sign on the dotted line.
    Hope this helps you out

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    > Will the sim card from my i710 phone work with Blackberry 7100i ?

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