I don't think that any games for the i90 have sound because the files would
be too large to fit on it. For example, THQ Tetris for the i90 is 33.6K
while the version with sound for the i95 is 83.4K.

"Dan Clarke" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> I just purchased an official Motorola USB cable with a CD of 5 games:
> Astrosmash
> MotoGP
> Snood
> Snood21
> Tetris.
> For some reason, Tetris is no longer available for download and it's not
> on the CD itself I guess?
> Anyway, I have an i90c and I'm on NEXTEL. None of these games have sound
> and I have the java volume cranked.
> Is it my phone, or do none of these games in fact have sound?

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