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    The balckberry is so backwards. Does anyone know about the falcon program
    and if nextel is going to come out with a phone like sprint's pocket pc
    phone. Doesn't Gates own a chunk of nextel. I love the service but am
    waiting to make the next jump. I want an all in one device, phone and pocket

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    Jason McGehee

    Re: new phones

    Nextel seems to be two stepts behind mobile phone technology. I am waiting
    for a bluetooth phone to be released.


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    Re: new phones

    I share the desire to have a Pocket PC oriented Nextel phone, but I
    doubt it'll happen, or at least not any time soon. Nextel and
    Motorola are very J2ME oriented, which doesn't do much to entice MS
    into bed. However, the more popular Nextel becomes, hopefully, the
    more likely Microsoft will make a push to have them sell a Pocket PC
    version. Does anyone know if Motorola has any Pocket PC devices?

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