"N9WOS" observed:
> In my opinion, it is just easier to call the person via
> the normal duplex method and be done with it.
> You would already have the call finished by the
> time you made contact with the person on PTT.

I agree.

The original configuration with NEXTEL was that PTT connections were less
expensive than cellular. Thus it was an ideal replacement for business-band

A few years later, the cellular companies responded by making
Mobile-to-Mobile minutes FREE. That's the REAL competition for NEXTEL.
Meanwhile, VZW's PTT will help attract/retain the group of consumers who
think PTT might be "cool".

Free MTM calls are extremely attractive. And if you are not happy with the
call quality, you get double your money back! (grin)

*Within a few years of NEXTEL's entry into the business communications
field, occupation of over-the-air radio systems dropped dramatically.
Recently, the FCC reassigned several channels in the 150 MHz part of the
spectrum to license-free personal communications. (Your plumber is not on
the Red Dot frequency any longer.) And there are almost zero businesses
using GRMS on 460 MHz. All this resulted from NEXTEL's push-to-talk and the
explosion of conventional cellular with free MTM minutes.

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