Maybe smack a vealot day once a week, god knows they need it. Seems
they want to play games.... GAMES they will GET..... BACK OFF AND GROW
UP VEALOTS. Your **** (since you brought it up) and your provider DO
stink. Games vzn vealots? you got nothing else to talk about? maybe
somthing interesting and TRUE about vzn for a change? Sorry you have a
person like barry cornhole as your spokesman he's quite an addition to
the vealot group really classes you jerkoffs right up. Grow up VEALOTS,
sad sad sad vealots.

Barry Cornholio <[email protected]> wrote in article
<[email protected]>:
> First one to come up with a humorous Limerick Or Haiku, or otherwise funny
> Joke that explains how CCCC1 1CCCC also known as SHORTY **** STAIN, got his
> name. Wins an undisclosed prize after all entries have been judged.
> Post Entries here.. do NOT email.

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