ok im about to kill thiis phone. i downloaded the software update for my i90
and during the process it deletes my old software and backs it up. then is
SUPPOSED to write the new software. well, it failed. many many times. and
YES the battery was fully charged. so now im tryin to reinstall my
backup/old software and THAT wont work. i talked to a guy at nextel and he
tells me the phone is trash now. and i need a new phone. but i talked to
some people on a nextel bulletin board and they say iits fixable. they tell
me do thiis do that, but nothin works. it gets CLOSE to finishing but fails.
and i already had to BORROW 2 freshly charged batteries from friends because
i cant charge the one in this phone because (im assuming) there is no
software. BUT if i have the charger cable plugged into my Serial Data cable
and take the phone's battery out.. the phone stays on and powered.
so i ask you.... is this phone good as a paperweight now or what? can i fix
it? and HOW??
should i have a candle light vigil for it and have members of a clergy hold
hands around it and pray??
tell me something/anything.
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