> You'd think that companies would at least honor the wishes of people who
> don't want to be called, regardless of whether the FCC had the authority

> not. But they're just after money, so they don't care how annoying they
> are.

Of course its about money. That's business. But they should use some common
sense. I got a call about an hour ago from MCI long distance, wanting me to
come back. (I dumped them Monday.)

The young man on the phone made the mistake of asking why I left.

"Because," I responded, "you folks called me five times during a hurricane.
On the first (and each subsequent) call, I explained that we were in a
difficult situation and that it would be good to curtail calls to Eastern
NC, Virginia, and the State of Maryland for at least ten days. Instead,
your group kept calling."

"But you're okay, now?" he asked, trying to get me back on track.

"Yes," I responded. "But I made a decision to avoid doing business with MCI
for at least one year for failing to be sensitive to the plight of
individuals and for tying up the phone lines during an emergency."

I suppose I'll hear from him in about ten months.....


Telemarketer calls experienced, professional salesman.
Irresistible force meets unmovable object.

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