When I was shopping at a Nextel Store (I've managed to get a Nextel
Phone after a lot of debate about this), and I talked to a Nextel Sales
Rep and he pronounced that the i90c has already been discontinued. It
will no longer be in sale after the last bastions of i90c phones are
sold and therefore the i730 has taken over its place. The i95cl was
said to be discontinued sometime next year depending on whether or not
Nextel and Motorola releases a successor the the i95cl.

I'm just gonna go light on my Nextel Phone for now but once I'm through
with my old phone provider's contract (My current provider's contract is
effective until the end of January 2005), then I'm gonna go as heavy as
I want with my Nextel Phone.

- Mark Kim
Nextel Phone: i730 "Mautenzannig"

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