Just wondering if anyone knows what the new version of software for
the I90c phone does? (R76.02.05)
I do know that, once again, just as the R76.02.04 version did, you
lose all your Java apps and Download apps.
I tried to install it with my USB data cable again. Still no luck. I
downloaded the newest version of Iden Updater and the USB drivers. The
program at least DID recognize my phone this time. Thats an
improvement over the last version. It still wouldnt update my phone
though. Im using Windows XP. I hauled out the old reliable serial data
cable and although many bumps in the road, I did get it updated and
re-downloaded my apps and games I had on the phone before. In all,
including screwing with the USB cable, I probably spent 3 hrs getting
it accomplished. Im very competent with the computers. It wasnt me.
Its Nextels "wonderful" software and its non compatability. Their
"hotfix" it applies when using Companion Pro deleted my sound driver
on another computer. Thank goodness for the "Restore" feature in
Anyways, just posting some info. Might or might not be helpful to the
next person.
Anyone else had this?

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