Mobile BASIC 1.6 is a version of the popular BASIC programming language
allowing you to write BASIC programs for Java Enabled Mobile Phones.

Features include
o On-Phone BASIC Interpreter for writing programs while on the move.
o Off-Phone Desktop Development Environment
o Import Images for use on the phone (PNG, GIF, JPG)
o Write Network aware applications that can talk to Internet Servers.
o Random Access File I/O
o Creates standalone MIDlets using the Desktop Development
o Sprite Graphics with Collision Detection
o Standard 2D Graphics Facilities (Color, Line Drawing etc).
o Forms (Editable Text, Choices, Date, Time and Gauges)
o Integer and Floating Point Arithmetic
o Logarithm and Trigonometry Functions
o String Handling

Here's a quick example illustrating how simple it is to create a sprite
and move it around the screen.

10 GELLOAD "MyImage","Image1.png" : REM Load Graphics ELement (GEL)
20 SPRITEGEL "MySprite","MyImage" : REM Associate Sprite with GEL
30 FOR X%=0 TO SCREENWIDTH(0) : REM Loop through X positions
40 SPRITEMOVE "MySprite",X%,0 : REM Move Sprite to New Location
50 SLEEP 10 : REM Sleep for 10 milliseconds
60 NEXT X%

There is a small video clip demonstrating Mobile BASIC running on a
Nokia 3510i which can be downloaded from:-

See for more information.

All existing users can download their free update from:-

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