Note: Due to the Hoopla Surrounding Number Portability, I will be
crossposting amy rate plans/promotions from different carriers to keep those
who may be shopping stay informed.
AT&T Wireless rings in LNP with new plans

by Dan Meyer
Nov. 24, 2003 12:09 PM EST

On the first day of wireless local number portability, AT&T Wireless
Services Inc. introduced a pair of rate plan enhancements that the carrier
said were in reaction to consumer demands.

The first offer allows customers to receive a $100 rebate toward a new phone
purchase every year when they renew a two-year contract on qualified calling
plans with the carrier. AT&T Wireless noted those qualified plans include
most plans that begin at $40 per month.

The offer is similar to Verizon Wireless' New Every Two offer that provides
customers with a $100 phone credit every two years when the two-year
contract is renewed.
AT&T Wireless also introduced its SureRate consumer plan, which the carrier
said provides predictable pricing with no surprises.

The plan costs $60 per month and provides customers with either 750 anytime
minutes on a local calling plan with plan overage at a flat 8 cents per
minute or 667 minutes on a nationwide calling plan with plan overage at a
flat 9 cents per minute. Both plans include domestic long distance and
unlimited night and weekend minutes.

"We hear wireless customers loud and clear-they don't want surprises when
they open their bill and existing customers want access to the latest
equipment deals usually reserved for new customers," said Michael Sievert,
AT&T Wireless chief marketing officer. "That's why wireless consumers who
are with or come to AT&T Wireless can get a free phone every year and a
wireless plan and a service they can trust every day."
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