NOTE: While not directly related to a USA Carrier, I felt the newsgroup
would be interesting in an event that took place with Orange, UK Based
Wireless Carrier, a situation that easily take place with any of our USA
carriers. Sometimes you think "They just wouldn't let something like that
happen would they?" Yes, they would!

Mobile operator Orange has apologised to hundreds of thousands of
customers after accidentally charging them for photo messages it sent them
promoting its multimedia messaging services.
More than 210,000 Orange users were billed for the 'Halloween' or 'Clocks Go
Back' adverts since 26 October this year.

The mistake was first discovered after a customer called up to query the
charge. Pay-as-you-go and pay-monthly phone owners were charged 40p per

Those affected by the incident have been texted an apology by Orange,
saying: "Sorry from Orange. We accidentally charged you for receiving
marketing photo messages. You'll receive a full refund."

Around 170,000 18 to 29 year-olds received the Halloween adverts, and 40,000
30 to 35 year-olds received adverts at the end of October telling them that
the clocks were due to go back.

A spokeswoman for Orange said in a statement: "Customers were charged for
the messages due to a technical fault on the outbound MMS line."

Orange has already refunded pay-as-you-go customers, and other users will
have the money credited to their next monthly bill.

The mobile operator claims that it has now put in place additional testing
to ensure that the problem does not happen in future marketing campaigns.

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