well, if your life evolves around phones .... you might like one. id imagine
most of the upper managment at nextel is using limited edition phones. its
really not much different than anything else, like homes , computers, cars.
some people say, if the car gets me to where go i dont care about anything
else... personally, i cant go 10000 miles without cleaning my K&N airfilter.
Just the same with how i cant go 1 day without cleaning my clear i90 ( that
i personally built, much like my car) with oem white backlights that i keep
nicely polished and fully powered. ( i wont tell you my secret polish
formula , but send me your phone and it will come back nicer than brand
new ) . So do you like the corvette over the family sedan..... do you have
the cash to blow.... its all preference..... and money too ofcourse.....

well, theres my 2 cents.... ok, 4 cents, its late and i tend to ramble.....
especially about cars and phones.

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