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    Hello all.

    I went through the slide show- and like the 530 as I am very hard on my
    phones, I need a "Timex" style phone, anyway I did not notice in the
    presentation if the 530 will have the newer sim card to be able to store 600
    numbers and multi phone numbers , etc under the same name.

    Does it matter where you purchase the phone does, Nextel offer a better
    price or would my local guy who repairs my phones be able to have the same

    Also do the stores get the phones a couple of days in advance like the
    record stores for new releases?

    Thanks for your help in advance.

    See More: RE- i 530

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    Mark Kim

    Re: RE- i 530

    I don't know if this is going to be the case, but I'm pretty sure
    usually Nextel Retail Stores get them first before anyone else. This is
    the ranking on how they get the newest phones:

    1. Nextel Retail Stores and Nextel.COM
    2. Nextel Authorized Dealers
    3. Multi-Carrier Wireless Dealers
    4. Office Stores
    5. Electronics Stores
    6. Prepaid Providers
    7. Southern LINC

    That's all I know....

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