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    PDA Man
    While I strive not to be TOO repetetive with these postings, I do find
    different versions of the story provide different bits and pieces of info.
    Not one to "censor" I will bring it all to you.

    Dan Meyer [email protected]
    Following up on a Federal Communications Commission inquiry into its local
    number portability implementation, AT&T Wireless Services Inc. filed a
    report with the government agency yesterday outlining the troubles the
    carrier has encountered with the LNP mandate, as well as the steps it has
    taken to fix the issues that had resulted in some customers waiting more
    than a week to have their wireless numbers ported in or ported out from the

    In the report, AT&T Wireless admitted to difficulties in its LNP processes,
    which it attributed to a combination of factors, including technical
    limitations in its clearinghouse vendor's systems and insufficient
    inter-carrier testing prior to the Nov. 24 LNP deadline.

    AT&T Wireless explained that its LNP vendor Nightfire, which is an affiliate
    of NeuStar, ran into difficulties when problems with its system produced
    delays in each step of the porting process that eventually created a
    "considerable backlog of port-out requests." Those problems included taking
    too long to verify and submit the port requests to AT&T Wireless for
    customer validation that eventually led to the carrier "routinely"
    responding to those requests after the "due date" and "time" of the port
    request had expired and a resulting "resolution required-due date expired"
    response to porting requests.

    The Nightfire system also delayed transmitting responses back to the
    requesting carriers, which AT&T Wireless said was compounded by glitches in
    the Nightfire interface used by its porting agents to resolve the porting
    issues that caused additional delays in resolving the backlog problems.

    AT&T Wireless noted that the insufficient testing with Telecommunications
    Services Inc., which most of the other wireless carriers selected for their
    porting services, was the result of two software upgrades TSI performed
    within the last four weeks prior to Nov. 24 that "shut down critical
    inter-carrier communications testing."

    In addition, AT&T Wireless claimed TSI's software was designed to reject
    port requests with "due dates" outside of the Number Portability
    Administration Center's business operating hours even though the carriers
    agreed that porting requests made outside the NPAC's 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.
    operating hours on an automatic basis 24 hours a day, seven days a week. TSI
    had not had a chance to comment on this to RCR Wireless News by press time.

    "These factors resulted in significant delays in processing both requests
    that [AT&T Wireless] received from other carriers to port out and requests
    that [AT&T Wireless] issued to other carriers to port in numbers," the
    carrier said in its letter to FCC Wireless Telecommunications Bureau Chief
    John Muleta.

    AT&T Wireless added that as soon as it identified the problems it "devoted
    substantial resources to solving them, prioritizing resolution of port-out
    requests over resolution of [AT&T Wireless'] own port-in requests."

    The carrier added that it has worked closely with its LNP vendor NeuStar to
    facilitate the corrections resulting in AT&T Wireless' ability to respond to
    more than 90 percent of the backlogged port requests, its ability to respond
    to port requests within Wireless Intercarrier Communications Interface
    Specifications guidelines and specifically responding to port requests with
    a valid response within 30 minutes greater than 75 percent of the time.
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    Larry W4CSC

    Re: NEWS: Another Angle To Yesterdays ATTWS Filed Report to FCC

    I can hear those big, bureaucratic feet at ATT draggin' way over here
    in South Carolina!

    Hell, you'd think the company had no idea how POTS or Long Lines
    businesses work, instead of being the one who invented them.

    Larry W4CSC


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