(sorry for the X-posting, I'm not familiar with the US mobile
marketplace, and thus which groups deal with what)

I'm planning a trip to the SF bay area for about 10 days in late january.

I'm living in France and have a contract there with the carrier Bouygues
Telecom, including full IP access via GPRS.
My phone is a nokia n-gage, which supports GSM 900/1800/1900.

Bouygues' website mentions roaming partnerships with 2 carriers in the
SF Bay : Nextel and Cingular.
The voice rates either to France or within the SF Bay are quite
outrageous I think, well over $1 a minute. Above all, there's no mention
of GPRS roaming at all.

Does anyone know if Cingular or Nextel offers full IP over GPRS internet
access to international roaming users, and what's the rate for that ?

If roaming is not an option, what kind of cheap/prepaid plan would you
recommend for a 10 day trip (if there's any), and is GPRS access
available with those plans ?

Thanks a lot!

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