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    Hi there, I tried finding the ringtone from Pauly's phone on the internet
    I can't find it anywhere. The only thing I found were composer guidelines.
    Is there a wav version of this ringtone anywhere? Or could someone
    tell me where I could find it, that would be very highly appreciated.


    See More: Ringtone: Australian Fat Pizza Series

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    Re: Ringtone: Australian Fat Pizza Series

    Hi Jegea,

    I'm not 100% sure which exact Fat Pizza Ringtone you are looking for, but I have found 5 different Official Fat Pizza Ringtones that you may like! I hope one of them is the ringtone you are after.

    Here they are:

    1. The Bobo "They're Fat & Ther're Cheezy Official Fat Pizza" Ringtone

    2. The DJBJ Oh Yeah Bro Official Fat Pizza Ringtone

    3. The Habib's Threesome Official Fat Pizza Ringtone

    4. The Pauly Is Fully Sick Official Fat Pizza Ringtone

    5. The Rocky Ya Little Zub Official Fat Pizza Ringtone

    They were all found over at MobileActive!

    If you need anymore information regarding Fat Pizza mobile content, don't hestitate to ask!

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