Copy of the letter I send to Bell Mobility Canada

5 Mar 04

Bell Mobility

The reason I am returning the data cable is because it is not working as
advertised. All the functions work correctly except for the transfer of
ring tones from the PC to the phone. During the transfer, an error message
is displayed "Failed to update ring tone".

At reference A, I contacted you customer service and I was told to contact
Nokia, as it should be working. At reference B, I contacted Nokia. The
customer service representative indicated that three features were disabled
on the phone at the request of carrier, Bell Mobility in this case. These
features are:

a.. Transfer of ring tones;
b.. Transfer of applications; and
c.. Transfer of games.
These disabled functions explain the error message I was getting. As the
main reason that I bought the data cable was to transfer ring tones between
my PC and the phone so I do not have to pay $1.50 per transaction if I used
your web site. Therefore, the disabled feature make the data cable useless
for me, so I am return it for full refund. By the way, these disabled
features should be advertised and your customer service agent trained to
provide the real reason so that your customer can make an inform purchase

[email protected]